Who we are

We are a group of professionals with consolidated experience in some different sectors
united by the passion for innovation that carry out a joint initiative.

Our history

Officina is a business company focused on innovation technology that was born from the fusion of a group of people with different skills and qualities. The experiences range from many years’ activities in digital and technological world to an industrial and managerial background.

Officina is an innovative start-up and it benefits from financial strength thanks to members who believe in this initiative. The peculiarities, which characterize the team, are analytical skills, concreteness, problem solving, heterogeneous skills and networks.

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Our Skills



the use of elements borrowed from games and game design’s techniques as a solution to support business processes and methods.


Internet of Things

control and management of connected objects and data analysis to improve products and create new services.


Cloud Platforms

implementation of cloud portals using enterprise technologies, scalable and business-oriented.


Mobile Technologies

app study, design and development for iOS, Android and Windows smartphone or tablet with particular emphasis on usability.


Enterprise System Integration

consolidated experience in the integration of various business systems and software.


Technology Brokering

ability to find the best technological solution and to adapt it to your needs.

Innovative solutions and services with a high technological content within the reach of your company.

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