What we do

We deal with Innovation Technology with a particular focus on gamification (engagement, involvement and motivation of people) and Internet of Things (wearable, smart lighting, smart home & building). We also offer digital and technological consulting services to companies.

Our products


“Engage people, motivate actions” : is our gamification platform, which makes business processes more pleasant and engaging through the logic of the game.


is our IoT platform, which allows objects to be connected to the Internet and managed simplifying their use and enhancing data collection.


“Now where you are“ : is our event-sharing app that brings you to live fully the real life in the place and at the moment in which you are stimulating to be active.

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Our services

We also offer a lot of innovative services with a high technological content to improve companies’ operation and efficiency. Our scope is to find out solutions and to bring added value simplifying daily processes and guaranteeing the excellence of these processes,products and services offered.

Our experiences


iPad applications for Financial Advisors in support of sales activities;


a tool to help display DNA anomalies in support of preventive diagnosis;

IoT – Smart Home&Building

Smart Home & Building: cloud and mobile platform for remote monitoring and management of home systems (boilers, air conditioners, windows, lighting...);

IoT – Wearable

collection and analysis of data measured by sensors embedded in sports clothes;

Fairs and events

integrated digital communication on out-of-home devices (interactive totems and tables, tablets);


App voting system for quiz show entirely based on people’s polls (main italian network);

IoT – Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting: cloud and mobile platform for remote monitoring and management of smart street lamps (anomalies, energy consumption, carbon footprint, damages, geolocation, predictive maintenance);

IoT – Action camera

companion to a well known action camera for the detection and integration of biometric and athletic performance data;

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